Adventure Club Ft. Yuna - Gold (Nebbra Remix)

Nebbra is back in the game, and big time! This one is especially exciting because it’s a remix of a song that’s perhaps a year old. Paradoxically, It’s refreshing to hear old tracks being re-amped by the remix community. First thing first: this remix marks a new era in Nebbra’s musical career; this is the beginning of a new style, a new flavor, a reinvention of sorts if you will. Why so? The answer is a combination of several factors. For starters, the original track is by Adventure Club, which unlike other artists Nebbra has remixed in the past, is more electro-heavy with clear dubstep influences and faster tempos overall. This background added to the vocals by featuring artist Yuna, gave Nebbra the push needed to create a track with clearly redefined stylistic choices that fall more in line with what newer generation producers like Cosmos Midnight and Cln are doing. These are electronic remixes that focus on short-length vocal sampling and are heavy on percussion elements. The pairing of these two create amazing choruses that boost the energy levels in the track while holding back during the verses which remain on the mellower side and allow for the vocals to fully develop. I love this type of work because it teaches us so much about the potential in effectively sampling and playing around with key changes in the vocal tracks.

The original is a classic Adventure Club track that builds up for 1 minute and 30 seconds and then drops in full power with EDM-like synths and heavy dub elements. It’s a good track but the real magic here is a product of Nebbra’s work, who pulls back only the essential elements and brings this piece to life in a completely different genre of electro. We love this new direction in his music and we totally support it. Its classier, its smoother, and it speaks to the musical maturity that is being achieved by young producers like him. Without a doubt we regard this one as one of the top tracks of the season.

Check out more of Nebbra’s music at his Souncloud page and be sure to tune in in the upcoming days for an exclusive interview with the man himself!

Cheers and happy Friday.