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Flight Facilities- Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise

Here's the Flight Facilities single "Two Bodies" off of their new EP  Down To Earth.  I'm just leaving the opening quote, which has resonated with me personally. That's all. I didn't understand it at the time. I fail to achieve any degree of understanding in the ensuing years, which are three in number. I presume Herb means that inherently you cannot be commercial and artistic. You cannot be commercial and quality. You cannot be commercial concurrent with have a preoccupation with the level of storytelling that you want to achieve. And this I have to reject. I don't think calling something commercial tags it with a kind of an odious suggestion that it stinks, that it's something raunchy to be ashamed of. I don't think if you say commercial means to be publicly acceptable, what's wrong with that? As long as you are not ashamed of anything you write if you're a writer, as long as you're not ashamed of anything you perform if you're an

LIGHTS- Up We Go (Knight One Remix)

As we continue our flurry of new reviews, I have found an exciting new remix from relatively well-hidden Dutch DJ, Knight One. Oddly enough with these two tracks, the remix actually sounds more "natural" than the original. Maybe this is a basic bias on my part because I heard the remix before the original, but I've been doing this for a while now and I like to think I can tell the difference between an original track. Essentially what I'm trying to say is that Knight one's remix seems to do a lot to change the original track and make something completely his own. Let's start with LIGHTS' original before we get there. So from the beginning you get sort of a prog-rock feel to the track with some heavily reverberated guitar lines and a simple 2-4 bass/snare rhythm. Super standard as with some new pop alternative rock track (if that makes any sense). I can't say that it's a  bad  song... but it certainly not in my personal wheelhouse,  except for the

Alex Metric- Heart Weighs a Ton (Vindata Remix)

Super excited about this review. Alex Metric is a very talented producer based in London who focuses on building pump-up dance tracks, like his banger of the summer "Heart Weighs a Ton." Lucky for us, Vindata, the DJ duo out of L.A. saw the potential in this track and decided to create a wonderful remix released earlier this month. Both tracks rely heavily on strong beats and some seriously epic synth work. Let's start with Alex Metric's original. First off, I need to get this off my chest, the lyric "I'll carry you when you're heart weighs a ton" makes me think of Sam Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings saying to Frodo, "I may not be able to carry the ring, but I can carry you!" Sorry, I had to nerd out for a second there. The track starts almost like a conventional summer house track with a nicely built minute long build up, consisting of a simple single beat bass rhythm. As the melody is introduced, the actual volume of the track increases,

Pharrell & Daft Punk- Gust of Wind (Prizm Shift/Remix)

Pharrell makes some damn good music, especially when teamed up with Daft Punk yet again for another feel-good track. Pharrell and Daft Punk aren't exactly unfamiliar with each other, as they have a strong collaboration history. They really fell into a unique form with this track, "Gust of Wind," an electro-infused funk track that could just as easily fit into a 70's discoteque as your garden variety European nightclub of this past summer. French remixer, Prizm, tries his hand at this one and does a surprisingly good job of capturing the essence of the original and providing his own "future bass" spin to it with a lot of added production quality. The track was released 2 and a half weeks ago. Let's start with a quick analysis of Daft Punk's original. What gets me about this track is the effortlessness with which it moves through a number of different styles in a short time period. Right from the start, you're met with an exciting, yet cleanly

Xinobi - 1975 Album Review & Bogota (Psychomagik Remix)

Bruno Cardoso is absolutely KILLING the game with the release of his 10-track Album “1975”. Cardoso is a Portuguese prodigy having done collaborations with a wide-range of fellow Euro-producers into the whole Latin-beats and marimba based house (Nico Jaar), never lacking in overly sexy female vocals and obviously the beloved Spanish guitar chords accompanied by prolonged solos twisted with a grungy electro rock vibe, one big I don’t give a fuck vibe, I smoked Cigarettes in middle school attitude, and that ladies and gentleman is how you make music that sounds authentic in today’s world. As for the songs that stood out in the album, I personally fell in love with “Mom and Dad” and obviously the single named after my hometown and natal city in Colombia, “Bogota”. Although the available track in Xinobi’s Soundcloud is only a short preview of the whole thing, its more than worth giving it a listen, I know its been on repeat on my phone for the past couple of hours. The entire album has

Craig David- Fill Me In (KREAM remix)

Craig David, and even more specifically this track "Fill Me In," were very important parts of my musical (and personal) development at the ripe age of 14-15 years old. That's why Norwegian sibling duo, KREAM's remix, released about a month ago, is just so damn exciting. I'm gonna be honest with you all this is all really just an excuse for me to listen to Craig David a ton in the name of musical enlightenment. His original is just such an important song for me. I don't really know why, but for whatever reason this song is kinda how I always pictured incognito lover relationships to be like (I've been a few myself). At this point, I've listened to the track 3 times on repeat (in this sitting) and I'm not even tired of it. Craig's vocal is just so damn silky smooth, then you get this R&B beat with this groovy set of strings (I assume violin but I can't be sure) providing some melodic support in the back. The whole track is just perfect

Danny Brown- Blunt After Blunt (Stwo Edit)

In honor of the MAB show today, I decided it would make sense to feature a track from either Danny Brown or Cashmere Cat. Ironically (considering Cashmere Cat's Electro rep), the best thing I found was a remix of Danny Brown's "Blunt After Blunt" by long-time CasaSwoop favorite, Parisian DJ Stwo. I'm not upset that I found this song, in fact quite the opposite, I'm really glad we can share yet another fantastically well done electro remix of a hip hop track. Granted, Danny Brown's "Blunt After Blunt" is definitely not playing around with any lowkey electro style or catchy melodies, this is a dark banger no doubt. I really like this track, for reasons other than the obvious "Blunt After Blunt" excuse, mainly because it isn't afraid to throw some shit in your face. It relies on a standard rhythm and really no melody to support a heavy, passionate rap lyric. It sorta reminds me of the heavier rap track from the late 90s. Danny doesn

GRMM- Electrify (cln. remix)

We've been on a bit of a cln. binge lately but it's hard when he keeps pushing out so many amazing tracks. His remix of GRMM's "Electrify" is no exception to that trend. Yet again, we have a couple of Australian producers on a remix/original collaboration (big surprise there). GRMM are signed to Neon Gold Records, the kings of the burgeoning Electro scene in Australia. With such a great pedigree, how could these two tracks not be amazing? Let's start with the original. Perhaps my favorite part of this track is the melodic piano line, which sort of smoothes out the track and keeps it from getting too bogged down in electro moments. Of course, when the time is right, particularly in the bridge segments, the electro comes through in full force with a nice textured synth line that mirrors a 1/32 rhythm in the hi-hat. It's this type of "laid-back" trap style that makes this music so exciting, it adds a lot of layers to the tracks and contrasts with

Joel Compass- Run (Wayward Remix)

So this review is really just a way for me to get my fingers back on the keys and write something with some flow. We've been absolutely slammed with work and this is a great opportunity to get my touch back, so here we are with a pretty old track (about a year old), which is Wayward's remix of Joel Compass' track, "Run." London based DJ duo, Wayward, did a great job of developing a remix that really takes an entirely different approach from the original and creating something that ultimately ends up better. That being said, let's start with Joel Compass. This track is, at its core, a pop track featuring everything from a simple driving 2 and 4 drum beat to a few repeated strongly accented piano chords. To be completely honest, other than the lead vocal, this track is just boring. It really could have done with a few more rhythmic elements to keep the listener engaged, which is the problem when you create an entire track at "half-time" or when your vo

Interview Exclusive: Nebbra

As many of you know, we here at CasaSwoop have been huge fans of Nebbra. Our first review was back in May with Nebbra's remix of Phantogram's "Fall in Love." We were blown away by Nebbra's seeming effortlessness at completely molding a track to his sound. As impressed as we were then, I can't say we're surprised with how much Nebbra has improved in 6 short months. Our latest review of his work, his wonderful remix of Adventure Club's "Gold," highlighted our appreciation for his growth. The main differences we noticed were how refined his style has become and just how powerful his patented synth rhythms could be. You don't need any more evidence than what he did with Odesza's "Say My Name" a few months ago to confirm that point. Yet another example of his fantastic production style. So, without further ado, we bring to you, Nebbra. I think in France, especially in the electronic underground music scene (not commercial), a