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Destiny's Child- Say My Name (A.L.V.Y Remix)

"Say My Name" might be the most over-remixed song in the history of electropop. I wish I could tell you why. I guess from a nostalgic standpoint, this song holds a special place in pretty much everyone's heart aged 19-28. It has an amazing vocal (times 3 really, hooray girl bands), a pretty fantastic percussion beat, and a wonderfully funky wah wah rhythm guitar. Let's clear the air, I'm the first person to stand up and say that popular music, for the most part, lacks any real musical substance. When I hear some prepubescent boy say "baby" and "oh" more than 10 times, I have to physically hold back from strangulating myself. That being said, this song is decidedly NOT that. Anyway, I'm not going to sit here and talk about a song we've all been listening to for over a decade, what I  will talk about the Parisian producer, A.L.V.Y's, progressive dream pop take on the R&B classic. This remix is wonderfully balanced. It doesn't

Indian Summer - Foreign Formula (Cosmos Midnight Remix)

For the last couple of days, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea behind trends. What exactly are they, and what power do they have over both our quotidian and transcendental experiences. Clearly a hard question to answer in an electronic music website post, but hey, we do after all rely heavily on trends to reach out to people, the sole foundation of this website is dedicated to trends, specifically the remixing trend. So for the music history lesson of the day here’s a little wiki segment about THE REMIX: Modern remixing had its roots in the dance hall culture of late-1960s/early-1970s  Jamaica . The fluid evolution of music that encompassed  ska ,  rocksteady , reggae  and  dub  was embraced by local music mixers who deconstructed and rebuilt  tracks  to suit the tastes of their audience. Producers and engineers like Ruddy Redwood,  King Tubby  and  Lee "Scratch" Perry  popularized stripped-down  instrumental  mixes (which they called "versions") of reggae tun

Birdy- Skinny Love (Fareoh Remix)

Oh man, I fucking love this remix. It's just so damn cool. Fareoh, a New York-based producer, has been on my electro-radar for quite some time for his edmt.com mix that was honestly a slice of electronic music perfection (I'll link it below, don't worry). So, when he popped up on my SoundCloud feed, I had to give this track a listen, and I found myself completely blown away. It was a completely fresh take on remixing mainly because the original is a passionate ballad from UK singer-songwriter, Birdy. The original is a simple piece with nothing more than a piano and a sweet, pleading lead female vocal. It's popular song, at least that's what almost 15 million listens on SoundCloud would suggest, so it's even more impressive that Fareoh is able to put his own unique flair onto it. You must be thinking to yourself, "Seriously CasaSwoop? An electro-house remix of a singer/songwriter track? What the fuck is wrong with you? What have you been smoking?" But b

Montmartre- Out of Violence (Tobtok Remix)

This is a CasaSwoop rarity, but we're actually reviewing a song the day it's been released, which is unfamiliar territory because we tend to do in depth reviews, but we feel this is a worthy opportunity because this track is right up our alley. Parisian producer, Montmartre, has long been a regular on CasaSwoop because of his silky smooth melodies and rhythmically complex chill wave productions. Previous hits of his have been relaxed ballads like "Inside of Me" and an inspired rework of Bob Marley's "Is This Love" (these will be linked below as well). Unfortunately, we don't have the original of "Out of Violence" as it hasn't been released yet, and yet we have this teaser remix from Swedish DJ/Remixer extraordinaire Tobtok, also a CasaSwoop staple. Judging from the preview that MontMartre posted, the original is a jazzy, upbeat quasi-dance track. There's an inherent bounce in the rigidity of the synth line, which makes it nearly i

Jay Prince- Polaroids (Chloe Martini Remix)

We love Warsaw producer, Chloe Martini, and her silky smooth remixes. In our previous reviews of her remixes, I've always been blown away by her rhythmic abilities. Particularly in making rhythms pop off the track and grab attention. Jay Prince's sultry and thoughtful R&B track, "Polaroids," incorporates sustained synth lines and a progressive percussion punctuated by Jay Prince's own ultra smooth rapping flow. It's a surprisingly melodic track that relies on an understated instrumentation to support Jay's really wonderful vocal. This original is like biting into a dark chocolate truffle, smooth and sumptuous, with a velvety finish. This would constitute one of those songs that promotes the "less is more" attitude, by allowing the track to stand on not much more than just complex rhythms and a consistently ear-catching flow. Chloe Martini's remix is decidedly different in terms of "mood," but relies on incredibly similar methods

The Wombats- Greek Tragedy (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Two weeks ago, Oliver Nelson dropped a new remix of The Wombats' pop-rock jam "Greek Tragedy." This one was a bit more fun for me than our regular reviews. First, and less important, original has the word "Greek" in the title so I'm ethically and morally bound to reviewing it. Second, I went through a seriously angsty pop-rock phase from 12-16 yrs. old and this song taps into the nether-regions of my soul and hearkens me back to the days of Papa Roach, Nine Inch Nails, and other bands who make me cringe oh so slightly when I remember them. To be fair, The Wombats are not so fully entrenched in rock culture, they obviously draw considerably from electronic concepts, especially with regard to incorporating toned rhythmic elements at the upbeats between their "heavier" rock chords. On the other hand, they do dedicate a good 20 seconds in the middle to a simple vocal and 2-4 drum beat: the mark of the late 90's rock band. So let's just call thi

June Marieezy- Fly (FKJ Remix)

My heart skips a beat every time a see a new French Kiwi Juice (FKJ) remix. The producer out of Paris is currently my favorite remix artist, up there with cln. shocking I know, and this remix is yet another affirmation of my undying love. I can't think of a single thing that I dislike about this remix, or indeed about the original from which it was created. June Marieezy is a silky smooth R&B/Spoken-word artist whose tracks are understated in their beauty. "Fly" is not a complex song, opting to use only 4 elements for the duration of the 4 minute track: vocal, synth, percussion, and supporting vocals. Believe it or not, the percussion and vocal don't really change at all from start to finish. The synth uses only 3 different chord progressions at varying points through the track, exemplifying the simplicity of June's approach. So why would an artist choose to do so little with 4 minutes of music? The answer is simple: it allows for the vocal (particularly the &

Edición recomendada de Don Quijote

La edición que fue utilizada para crear los resúmenes presentes en esta pagina es la siguiente:  Don Quijote de la Mancha (Edición del IV Centenario, Real Academia Española; Asociación de Academias de la lengua Española.  Esta edición del libro viene con prologo escrito por Mario Vargas Llosa, texto introductorío y un análisis complementario por académicos de literatura. El libro viene muy bien recomendado ya que incluye un glosario de términos extensivo. Gracias!

Smokey Joe & The Kid- Schön

This is a self-branded "electroswing" track by French production duo Smokey Joe & the Kid. I wouldn't exactly put this track in our proverbial "wheel-house" but goddam is it good. I love everything about this track and what it represents, and also what it stands for with regard to the electronic music scene and what is a growing niche. I'll start with the boring music stuff first, then get into the philosophical shit I care about. First, we start with this wonderful jazz intro with a wonderful swung jazz percussion and a funky plucked bass line. This then gives way to wonderful set of horns (I'm a sucker for brass instruments... a good saxophone?  Swoon ) and an old-timey vocal chorus complete with a harmonic 3rds (oh the glory). And then, just when you think you know what's going on, you get where the "electro" part comes in when the standing bass I mentioned before all of the sudden morphs into a grungy electro bass line and the jazz-

Solidisco & Fireflowerz - Unreal (LEFTI Remix)

This is one of those remixes you know its gold the second the soundwaves enter your ear and hit your brain, you just know it. The opening drum track gives an instant glitter-poppy vibe that is reinforced by the vocal sample “Oh oh you make me”, count one, two, and before you know it the whole thing hits you in the head: bass, synth, guitar. Everything comes together so fast and so smoothly in approximately 10 seconds, after which I immediately opened up my email (song still playing) and wrote to NYC based LEFTI shamelessly congratulating him asking him for interview on CasaSwoop. I mean, the guy earned it right? Because I don’t want to ruin a potential interview, Ill end this post here and keep you guys waiting for their real juicy stuff. In the meantime enjoy this sweet sweet track. Mixmash Records · Solidisco & Fireflowerz - Unreal (Lefti Remix) Solidisco · Solidisco & Fireflowerz - Unreal