Childish Gambino- 3005 Pt. I&II (Zanski Remix)

So to be honest I've been on a bit of a electro/hip-hop trip lately and I'm not upset about it. It seems like hip-hop since about 2005 has been made for electro remixes and Canadian DJ Zanski seems to have capitalized on that recent trend, especially when Gambino's "3005 Pt. II" dropped earlier this month. But if you think about it, it makes sense that a lot of electro remixers and producers are starting to get inspired by current hip hop. Childish Gambino (ATL rep) and many other artists have incorporated deep and well-built electronic based beats. I myself have noticed similar trends in Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, and SkizzyMars' tracks. So it's no wonder that we're starting to get well-done remixes, like Zanski's posted just a week ago. I'm assuming that all of you are familiar with "3005" off of Childish Gambino's wildly popular album Because the Internet, but Zanski's remix also incorporates Gambino's new "3005 pt. II" that leaked off his new EP Kauai. The two tracks are different from each other, but they both make sense when put into Zanski's blend. There is no question that there is some serious electronic influence in both, but let's focus on "3005." Right off that bat, you get a highly processed staccato synth line. This sets the electronic tinged hook which is then layered over a very interested percussion line. Hip-hop in general tends to stay out of the melody and focus more on the bass and beat to uphold the flow of the rap. Gambino tips his cap to Atlanta bangers by upping the reverb on the bass line and a nice rim-shot beat. but the nature of the rap and the melodic electro elements make the track a lot more complex than your standard Brick Squad banger. "3005 pt. II" is decidedly more personal and tender as a track. While the melodic elements have been drawn out and pumped up melodically, the basic bass and drum elements are actually unchanged. Zanski capitalizes on this melodic ethos and he shows his hand from the start of the track by keeping the first 20 seconds of the track free of bass influence, staying true to Part I. He also sets the tone early by focusing on the melodic elements with a dreamy piano line like Part II, but shows the original influence with the rim-shot snare from both tracks in the hook. But everything changes once he incorporates that amazingly funky slap bass. The bass is basically his way of carving out his own stylistic space between the rougher more bass focused Part I and the more melodic part II. Funk is one of the only musical worlds where bold bass and melody can be supported through complex intertwined rhythms (not easy to do though). Oddly enough, it makes a lot of sense that this style works on a hip-hop remix, because the Gambino's rap is highly rhythmic so it takes some of the burden off the percussion, allowing the bass to be a bit more ambitious. Add to that the great "old-time" production that Zanski puts on it and you have yourself a pretty great (and artistically creative) remix. I've added the remix and "3005" parts I and II. Check them all out and let us know what you think in the comments!