LIGHTS- Up We Go (Knight One Remix)

As we continue our flurry of new reviews, I have found an exciting new remix from relatively well-hidden Dutch DJ, Knight One. Oddly enough with these two tracks, the remix actually sounds more "natural" than the original. Maybe this is a basic bias on my part because I heard the remix before the original, but I've been doing this for a while now and I like to think I can tell the difference between an original track. Essentially what I'm trying to say is that Knight one's remix seems to do a lot to change the original track and make something completely his own. Let's start with LIGHTS' original before we get there. So from the beginning you get sort of a prog-rock feel to the track with some heavily reverberated guitar lines and a simple 2-4 bass/snare rhythm. Super standard as with some new pop alternative rock track (if that makes any sense). I can't say that it's a bad song... but it certainly not in my personal wheelhouse, except for the lead vocal, which is fantastic. The lead vocal, betraying the tone of the rest of the instrumentation, is tender and honest, as well as fiercely melodic. Other good moments include the lightly strummed upper guitar lines that add quite a lot to blending and the few moments when the guitars and bass cut the fat reverb and allow for some of the melodic elements of the instruments to come through as opposed to just production on the guitars. Luckily, Knight One satisfyingly scratches that itch that the original leaves behind. This remix feels like how the song should be. The subtly funky bass guitar and the perfectly light piano lines provide the perfect slightly jazz-like vibe for the vocal which I loved so much from the original. I posit that it is fundamentally impossible to listen to this track and not smile. Earlier today, I was hungover (from an AMAZING Snakehips and Stwo show last night) and walking to the library and this song came on my phone and the timing was perfect. Walking through campus with the sun shining and crisp Autumn air and this mellow yet positive track came on and for that split moment my hangover was gone and it was a damn near perfect blend of atmosphere and music. I hope that listening to these tracks might give you the same sort of sensation at different moments in your respective lives. That's really all we're trying to do here, share experiences through music. We hope you guys are enjoying it. If you are (or are not) let us know in the comments!