Lion Babe- Treat Me Like Fire (Snakehips Remix)

Our love of Snakehips here on CasaSwoop is not exactly a private sentiment. Let's just say that we have a long history of supporting the silky smooth R&B remixes of this fantastically talented British producer. Snakehips yet again knocks a remix out of the park with a sultry take on an already velvety original by Lion Babe. The original "Treat Me Like Fire" is a thoughtfully constructed piece relying on muffled bass and percussion and an inspiringly sexy lead female vocal. The track is simple. You're met at the beginning with a nice set of muted piano chords and a simple clap track. Right off the bat you become aware of the fact that the vocal will be the star of this track. 

From a production sense, the vocal is much more pronounced (simply by being louder) than the instrumentation. It doesn't really need much more than the support it gets to give off a pleading yet confident tone. Honestly, there's not much change from the beginning to the end of the track in terms of instruments, instead Lion Babe rely on subtly changing rhythms to give the track some more depth and just let the vocal take care of the rest. And it works. Snakehips' perspective moves away from simple instrument support and works to develop some more robust ideas. They start similarly, with some simple piano chords, but eventually Snakehips shows his range by incorporating a more intricate beat structure and the addition of a funkier, more electronic, staccato synth line. 

What this does is speed up the track a bit more and gives a decidedly more jazz-like feel. Then, just when you think you get it, at 2:00 the track's vibe shifts into an off-beat percussion and the funky rhythm guitar is allowed to shine a bit more. That shift is one of the highlights of the track, I think, and shows that Snakehips isn't afraid to take something that started off so good and simple in the original and add his own flair to keep it interesting while not destroying the original elements, like that amazing vocal. I've linked both tracks below, please let us know what you think!