Pharrell & Daft Punk- Gust of Wind (Prizm Shift/Remix)

Pharrell makes some damn good music, especially when teamed up with Daft Punk yet again for another feel-good track. Pharrell and Daft Punk aren't exactly unfamiliar with each other, as they have a strong collaboration history. They really fell into a unique form with this track, "Gust of Wind," an electro-infused funk track that could just as easily fit into a 70's discoteque as your garden variety European nightclub of this past summer. French remixer, Prizm, tries his hand at this one and does a surprisingly good job of capturing the essence of the original and providing his own "future bass" spin to it with a lot of added production quality. The track was released 2 and a half weeks ago. Let's start with a quick analysis of Daft Punk's original. What gets me about this track is the effortlessness with which it moves through a number of different styles in a short time period. Right from the start, you're met with an exciting, yet cleanly executed, set of parallel violin chords. Not exactly a common form of instrumentation for an electro track, but very suited for a funk intro (we're only missing a saxophone, but that was "Get Lucky"). Also adding to that funk style is the wonderful rhythm guitar that sort of thwangs consistently over the track, but will occasionally get pumped up, especially in the verse. The other side is the strong R&B/hip-hop influence that Pharrell naturally adds to the track. The percussion also is reminiscent of a jazz or hip hop beat. That blend is what makes the track as attractive as it is. Prizm, in his own way, does a very similar thing in his remix. Prizm decides to engage with the funk side of the original and apply his production style to it, what some would call Future Bass or perhaps Electropop (genres are messy). Right away, you notice that the instrumentation is much more produced and synthesizer-based. The vocal itself is muffled and manipulated in the beginning, but eventually is cleaned up and brought forward over a bright synth melody. Oddly enough, the track ends up feeling a slight bit funkier than the original, due to the fast pace of the melody. It's ultimately a very well done piece that is fun to listen to, especially in reference to the original. As always, feel free to comment with any thoughts or suggestions below!