The Knocks- Classic (Le Youth Remix)

I love both of these artists quite a bit and these two tracks are perfect representations of their respective styles. First, we have the New York based electrofunk duo, The Knocks, who have become known as feel-good dance producers. This track was released with Neon Gold Records, who represent artists like HAIM, St. Lucia, and Magic Man. "Classic" is no deviation from that system or pedigree, and that's a good thing. The track uses a silky smooth bass track and highly rhythmic melodies in the guitar and the vocal to create a simultaneously chilled-out yet danceable mood. The piano and lead rhythm guitar lines drive the track and counteract the "sleepy" nature of the vocal. And what a vocal it is. Bringing Powers in to add her sexy vocal was a stroke of genius for The Knocks, giving this track an added layer of flavor over what is really simple musical support. The bass, guitar, and percussion isn't very complicated, but it all develops into a well-blended track that is cohesive and doesn't throw too much at you all at once. This element is also apparent in Le Youth's interpretation in his remix, released on Sept 29th. Le Youth keeps the element of simplicity in his deep-house rendition of The Knocks' original. Right off the bat, you have a standard cymbal/snare percussion beat and an even more standard deep-house bass line. What he's really doing though, is taking the time to frame the vocal, as good as it is, before adding his own elements at the 0:50 second mark. Eventually, the track morphs into a well-blended set of piano chords, a progressive percussion, and of course the ever-present toned bass line. What never ends up going away, however, is the musicality of the lead vocal. The background (except for the piano) is relatively "tuneless" in that it's more rhythm focused, as opposed to melody focused, so the vocal takes on most of that load. It ends up working pretty well because it still makes the track danceable when paired with the refreshingly complex drum line. Overall, both tracks are really well done and I hope you listen to both below and let us know what you think in the comments!