Xinobi - 1975 Album Review & Bogota (Psychomagik Remix)

Bruno Cardoso is absolutely KILLING the game with the release of his 10-track Album “1975”. Cardoso is a Portuguese prodigy having done collaborations with a wide-range of fellow Euro-producers into the whole Latin-beats and marimba based house (Nico Jaar), never lacking in overly sexy female vocals and obviously the beloved Spanish guitar chords accompanied by prolonged solos twisted with a grungy electro rock vibe, one big I don’t give a fuck vibe, I smoked Cigarettes in middle school attitude, and that ladies and gentleman is how you make music that sounds authentic in today’s world.

As for the songs that stood out in the album, I personally fell in love with “Mom and Dad” and obviously the single named after my hometown and natal city in Colombia, “Bogota”. Although the available track in Xinobi’s Soundcloud is only a short preview of the whole thing, its more than worth giving it a listen, I know its been on repeat on my phone for the past couple of hours. The entire album has an amazing versatility. It’s powerfully dynamic and changes drastically from sinister to joyful, from anger to angst to euphoric. I mean this shit is actually insane. Furthermore, the whole thing is connected by this undertone, this sound that’s very specific to Xinobi’s music, or as described in his Soundcloud, “there is a unique watermark on his sound. That versatility is also visible in his performances. You can travel from fresh-funk to a deeper mood without losing consistency as he can soundtrack from Miami palm-trees to Berlin cold nights; and everything in between.”

What’s even better is that the UK-based duo Psychemagik just released a 7+ minute remix of “Bogota” and its tantalisingly dark and terrifying, just like going to a really macabre and fucked-up haunted house. Just in time for Halloween!!! So gear up in your costumes and give all this great music a listen, it’s worth your time.