Danny Brown- Blunt After Blunt (Stwo Edit)

In honor of the MAB show today, I decided it would make sense to feature a track from either Danny Brown or Cashmere Cat. Ironically (considering Cashmere Cat's Electro rep), the best thing I found was a remix of Danny Brown's "Blunt After Blunt" by long-time CasaSwoop favorite, Parisian DJ Stwo. I'm not upset that I found this song, in fact quite the opposite, I'm really glad we can share yet another fantastically well done electro remix of a hip hop track. Granted, Danny Brown's "Blunt After Blunt" is definitely not playing around with any lowkey electro style or catchy melodies, this is a dark banger no doubt. I really like this track, for reasons other than the obvious "Blunt After Blunt" excuse, mainly because it isn't afraid to throw some shit in your face. It relies on a standard rhythm and really no melody to support a heavy, passionate rap lyric. It sorta reminds me of the heavier rap track from the late 90s. Danny doesn't fuck around with his lyrics or his message, and that bluntness (pun intended) is mirrored in the instrumentation, just a simple piano line and a high energy, if not slightly messy, beat track. If Chance the Rapper is Kendrick Lamar, then Danny Brown is Jay Rock. Anyway, I'm gonna stop acting like I review hip hop (honestly, I don't know very much about the hip hop world, so take everything with a grain of salt). So let's get back to some more familiar territory with Stwo's remix. So the first, most obvious, change is the slowing down at a basic BPM level. The beat is upgraded by cleaning up the bass and cymbal hits, which complements the trill melody synth. I knew the quality of this track was high because I first it on cln's Noize Radio mix and then again when I saw Stwo and Snakehips live a few weeks ago at Primary. Stwo has a unique ability to remix hip hop tracks and not sacrificing the elements of the original that make hip hop so great in the first place. The electronic elements he adds, mainly the synth line, doesn't seem to overpower or mask the personality or character of Danny Brown's lyrics. Overall, great remix and original and I'm really excited to see Danny Brown and Cashmere Cat tonight. Have fun!