Artist Review: Detroit Swindle

Detroit Swindle is BLOWING UP and CasaSwoop wants to be part of it. This dynamic duo is killing it out there and they are doing something that virtually no one in the industry (with the exception of perhaps Disclosure) has managed to successfully accomplish: BRINGING DEPPHOUSE BACK, and by Deep I mean ultra deep. Now that we’re done with the excitement, lets move on to the music and the reasons why you should be listing Detroit Swindle right now.

The producer duo is based in Amsterdam and is made up of Maarten Smeets and Lars Dales, 2 dudes who are not messing around when it comes to making music. Although they’ve been around for a while now, putting the ‘Starvin EP’ out as far back as 2012, and although we’ve been closely following their work ever since, it is not until today that we are proudly reviewing them as one of the hottest musicians in the electro-sphere today. Not everyone is fund of deep house, specially with EDM blocking all the good music from reaching new ears, nevertheless tastes are changing and we think CasaSwoop followers are more than ready for this unstoppable wave of good vibes.

The reason for this is because producers like Detroit Swindle are realizing that Deep House and electro are highly compatible with retro samples from across genres such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Soul, and basically anything that has a groovy undertone and a jazzy beat to it. The possibilities are endless; such is the versatility of house. By adding these samples and incorporating them strategically along the main track, you get a completely new spin on what deep house means, and this is exactly what Detroit Swindle means. It’s new, its fresh, but at the same time is classical and reminiscing of the golden Chicago house days.

I really don’t know what specific tracks to review, so Ill just go ahead and leave you with a couple of my favorite originals and remixes, so that you may get the full Detroit Swindle experience. Goddam, I promise you that if these two guys continue to grow at this pace, they’ll have a entire new genre of house named after them: Detroit Swindle baby!