Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (DiscoRazor Remix)

It’s the holiday season and most of us are back home from work and school, back to our families and old friends, back to that which is so familiar yet now seems vey much alien to us. The food, the routine, the conversations, all a somewhat surreal déjà vu, we are no longer sure if we belong. Anyhow, the holiday season has this magical aura about it where the old and the familiar meet collide with the new and ever changing. We keep coming back home, more changed with every passing year, more different than ever. This very concept is what brings us to today’s post on CasaSwoop: a clash of classic and modern, and get ready because its gonna make you try to moonwalk all over your house.

That’s right, no shame, because its MJ baby! Michael Jackson’s melodramatic yet funky hit song ‘Remember The Time’ (yeah that’s the one with the music video where everyone’s like a kinky Egyptian Pharaoh. But if you thought that was hot back in the day, you are in for surprise as soon as you listen to DiscoRazor’s remix. It’s absolutely golden. This remix is like taking a shower of milk and honey flowing and then drying up with rose petals. DiscoRazor keeps MJ’s vocals intact which is kindda the only way to go if you’re thinking of mixing MJ. The remix basically takes away all that romance and replaces it with sexy disco-funk. The beat is deep, the base is groovy, and the whole thing is overlaid with a disco guitar riff and some reverbed piano chords taken out straight from inside a disco ball. The remix is simple, in essence and decorated with small electronic sparks and glitters along the way for a overall killer tune. There’s not much else left to say besides the obvious: great original and great remix equals amazing holiday tune. Also, it helps when they guy remixing the song also happens to be a classically trained pianist from Saratov, Russia. Yeah no biggie. Great job DiscoRazor!

Favorite part to blast out speakers and try to hit MJ’s falsettos: Minute 4:30 – 5:00.