Jay Prince- Polaroids (Chloe Martini Remix)

We love Warsaw producer, Chloe Martini, and her silky smooth remixes. In our previous reviews of her remixes, I've always been blown away by her rhythmic abilities. Particularly in making rhythms pop off the track and grab attention. Jay Prince's sultry and thoughtful R&B track, "Polaroids," incorporates sustained synth lines and a progressive percussion punctuated by Jay Prince's own ultra smooth rapping flow. It's a surprisingly melodic track that relies on an understated instrumentation to support Jay's really wonderful vocal. This original is like biting into a dark chocolate truffle, smooth and sumptuous, with a velvety finish. This would constitute one of those songs that promotes the "less is more" attitude, by allowing the track to stand on not much more than just complex rhythms and a consistently ear-catching flow. Chloe Martini's remix is decidedly different in terms of "mood," but relies on incredibly similar methods to make the song interesting. Right off the bat you can tell that Chloe Martini wanted to song to pop in the synth. The original relied more on sustained chords, whereas this remix is more interested in having strong rhythmic synth chords that serve as supplement to the percussion's beat. What this remix does manage to do a bit better than the original is stylistic range. The original sort of lives in the same place (a good place no doubt, but still) for the duration of the track, and fails to push any boundaries. The remix is decidedly different in that regard, consistently incorporating a number of style changes to give a few different "feels" to the track. An example of this is at 2:50 when the heavier percussion elements drop out and the vocal is sort of allowed to push forward on its own. That type of stylistic range is where this track is so valuable. Listen to both tracks below and comment with your thoughts or suggestions!