Montmartre- Out of Violence (Tobtok Remix)

This is a CasaSwoop rarity, but we're actually reviewing a song the day it's been released, which is unfamiliar territory because we tend to do in depth reviews, but we feel this is a worthy opportunity because this track is right up our alley. Parisian producer, Montmartre, has long been a regular on CasaSwoop because of his silky smooth melodies and rhythmically complex chill wave productions. Previous hits of his have been relaxed ballads like "Inside of Me" and an inspired rework of Bob Marley's "Is This Love" (these will be linked below as well). Unfortunately, we don't have the original of "Out of Violence" as it hasn't been released yet, and yet we have this teaser remix from Swedish DJ/Remixer extraordinaire Tobtok, also a CasaSwoop staple. Judging from the preview that MontMartre posted, the original is a jazzy, upbeat quasi-dance track. There's an inherent bounce in the rigidity of the synth line, which makes it nearly impossible to sit still while listening to it. Since I'm reaching these conclusions on a simple preview, I'm not going to go speculate further. That being said, I can comment on Tobtok's electro revamp. As is his style, Tobtok pronounces the rhythmic elements prevalent in the original, but tempers it with a healthy dose of melody isolations and percussion drops (cutting out the beat). This allows for the remix to "build" to the moments where Tobtok's production skills take over like at 1:15. Oddly enough, probably my favorite part of this remix is the vocal sample in the "meat" of the track, which adds an extra layer of rhythm over the guitar line in the back, those rhythms intertwine perfectly to produce a track that holds your attention from beginning to end. Check out all the tracks below and be sure to comment with your thoughts and suggestions.