Alison Wonderland- U Don't Know (Just A Gent Remix)

As we get deeper and deeper into Spring, I remixes like this one even more suitable mainly due to the fact that dank BANGERZ like this track are just better when it's a sunny day and maybe you've had a few drinks. What we have here is an Australian connection as Alison Wonderland and Just A Gent are based in Australia. Now, we here at CasaSwoop are very very familiar with electronic music from down under, mainly because right now the Australian electro landscape is probably the best in the world. Alison Wonderland's original "U Don't Know" is a decidedly "heavy" track. What i mean by heavy is that most of the movement in the track happens in the bass and lower registers. The vocal, obviously, is melodic (and quite well done if I'm honest), but the rest of the track is very bottom-heavy. Take for an example the "big moment" of the track, which is every bridge leading into the chorus, the percussion drops out for a while, comes back with an intense acceleration and amping of that percussion leading into the chorus. When the chorus comes, rather than develop a melody to couple with the lead up, they decide rather to bounce around the bass and supplement it by surrounding it with dead space in the percussion (listen to 2:40-50 to see exactly what I mean). It is in those moments that Just A Gent makes his biggest changes, and they are remarkably successful. Right off the bat, you see that Just A Gent has decided to fill up this track with just more. The addition of string instruments really matures the track and the well-placed synth chords are a teaser for the mastery that we will see later in the track around the choruses. The biggest stylistic difference here is that the remix relies much more on melodic support to make the track interesting. The original is more about setting up interesting sounds and blends that are unexpected to the listener. But let's stop wasting time there is only one thing that sets this track apart at it starts at 1:40 for the first time. Just go there and listen from that point to 2:20. The quality of that chorus, coupled with the masterful manipulation of rhythm (particular the willingness to have a swung rhythm), is the best I've heard in a LONG LONG time. So please, listen to both tracks and watch the original Alison Wonderland video, featuring none other than McLovin as a weird kidnapper role-playing dude... I don't know just watch.