Giraffage - Maybes (ft. Japanese Breakfast) [RAC Remix]

I love remixes and collaborations like this because every one of the artists involved is tremendously talented and special. Giraffage is an old favorite and staple of CasaSwoop. His production in the original track is as tight and composed as ever. The production is intricate without being flashy using a varied and bright percussion along with well-crafted synth melodies using long sustained notes to support subtle chords underneath. Giraffage is a master at manipulating rhythms and rests. He has a knack for setting up a strong beat and suddenly stripping away layers, leaving certain lines isolated and exposed. Japanese Breakfast is a personal favorite of mine and I was surprised to see her collaborate with Giraffage as I wouldn't classify their "sounds" as very close. However, her vocal on this track is refreshing in her understated, comfortable tone and delivery. It gives the track a kind of other-worldly and ethereal feel.

RAC's remix does a lot to not stray too far from the original. The remix first and foremost changes up the beat and gives it a little more pop by using a full snare instead of the snap track on the original as well as using a more percussive synth line with a consistent quarter-note chord rhythm. Also of note in the remix, is the heavy sampling of the vocal line to make it also a contributing factor to RAC's more rhythmic approach to the remix. Per usual, the talented conglomerate that comprise RAC take a nuanced and thoughtful approach to remix and I'd say it's quite successful.