Miguel- Sure Thing (Trails and Ways Remix)

If you be the Marx, I’ll be your Engels, babe.

If you be the plot, I can be your ruse, boom.

Union baby I could be your dues. If I’m in prison baby you’re my tunnel loose.

Cause you’re the suffragette, and I’m the new vote. -

This is a small taste of the lyrical changes made by one of my personal favorite groups at the moment: Trails and Ways. Miguel's original track is a silky smooth R&B tune with a sexy beat and (to be completely honest) vapid lyrics. Trails and Ways put their own deliciously pretentious twist on the lyrics (I mean, c'mon Marx and Engels?) that forces the listener to laugh at their fuck off attitude. Musically, they pushed back the bass and tightened the beat. This gives it a poppy feel and cuts Miguel's heavy R&B style. They also added a classic rhythm guitar on the upper layers that gives the track a stronger melody which doesn't rely so heavily on the vocalist. To be fair, the tacky rain-forest opening does cheapen the track a bit, but you have to give credit to a band that would take so many risks, and I'm a huge fan. Keep an eye out for Trails and Ways because I think they're going to kill it in the future. Listen below and comment with your own thoughts!