Point Point - F+L

It's sort of tough to determine if this is a remix or not. I suppose if I had to tag it with a name, it would be an homage? Or maybe an inspired edit? Whatever you want to call it, it's fucking dope. Inspired by Kanye West's 2007 banger, "Flashing Lights," Point Point take a nuanced and original approach to the melody and redefine it using a number of tactics ranging from classical to electro.

The Parisian Electro Duo, Point Point, are truly one of my favorite producers out there right now. Their originals are perfectly balanced dance tracks that always draw from a number of sources. Every single one of their tracks incorporates a classical element, and this track is no exception. "F+L" starts beautifully with a string orchestration including, violins, violas, and cellos, that languidly plays the main beginning melody of Kanye West's "Flashing Lights." When the Bass (non-electro, the string instrument) hits with the powerful eighth note rhythm, it really drives the entire orchestration and puts this track in a league of it's own. But the best hasn't even come yet.

A little past the 1:30 mark, the bass instruments fall out, isolating a long sustained violin note, teasing you with where the track will adventure next. And then, it fucking hits. A slightly modified version of the fantastic electro-produced melody from Kanye's original, but several steps better. Point Point's version of the riff, includes a much more filled out bass support as well as adding complexity to the rhythm of the riff by elongating the chords and adding rests in between the chords to do away with the choppiness of the original riff. The progression is masterful, and of course at the 2:45 mark, there's a deliciously funky bass line that leads to a full-frontal assault of the aforementioned riff with even more additives, including a scratchy higher register melody line. And just when you think you have a grasp of the mood, they reintroduce the classical orchestra this time supported by the electro percussion and slowly tapering towards a soft and pleasant conclusion. Perfect track. Perfect edit. Perfect everything. Keep killing it Point Point, never stop.

I added the Kanye music video too, because why the fuck not. Who's gonna tell me not to?