Snakehips- On & On (Snakehips Edit)

We've got a weird one here folks. With this track, Snakehips remixed their own song and produced two structurally different, but equally awesome pieces. The original is a sumptuous piece that feels like riding a velvet highway: complete with a couple of smooth moving synth lines and not to mention the smokey lead vocal. The beat is reserved and subordinate, allowing the synth and the vocal to really take the front. The remix may not, at first glance, seem that different. But there are some subtle changes that give the track a different feel. They still allow the vocal to stay front and center (doing anything else would be a fucking travesty), but they up the beat and suppress the original synth line. They also almost "hip-hop" the track up. The bass beat hits really hard as the song progresses and fits well with the swung rhythm in the synth, that gives it that hip hop feel that the original doesn't quite have. The chorus of the remix is what hooked me, personally. The pre-chorus sets it up nicely with a good fade and once the chorus comes in you have a nice bouncy synth that almost gives weight to the vocal line, allowing it to get even fuller than in the verse. Overall, this is one my favorite tracks right now and I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I do! Please comment below to give us your thoughts!