The Hood Internet - So Hotline (Drake Edit)

The last few reviews we've done have been remixes or edits of immensely popular songs. This is no exception. Chicago's own, The Hood Internet, do an inspired mash-up here of Drake's smash hit, "Hotline Bling" and Giraffage & Slow Magic's jam, "So Cute." To be completely honest, I don't love mashups because I think they're kind of gimmicky, but this is a rare exception. The Hood Internet manage to stay in check (the most difficult thing for mashup artists to do) by not overdoing the mashup and staying honest to both original tracks. Nothing is more frustrating than a mashup that sounds like two tracks just mashed together, it has to be more intricate than that.

Giraffage & Slow Magic's "So Cute" is a Wave Racer-esque romp into glossy and high-arching chords with powerful yet minimal percussion. One of the things I love so much about Giraffage is his ability to make something out of nothing, particularly by using pauses masterfully and making the most out of off rhythm beats.

We all know Drake's "Hotline Bling." I love it. You should too. Not worth talking about here because of its popularity. So let's dive into The Hood Internet's mashup. What makes this mashup so successful is that "So Cute," which dominates the instrumental aspect of this track, is dropped down a few BPMs and even though it's a powerful electro track, it doesn't overpower Drake's vocal. The best moment of the track comes at the 2:15 mark, up to that point there's a driving percussion with on-beat bass hits, that lead up to a half-rhythm highly produced synth line accompanied by 16-note cymbal hits. These monstrous chords coupled with Drake's smooth rap just elevates this mashup to a new level. Enjoy every track below and let us know what you think!