Tove Lo- Talking Body (KREAM Remix)

Summer is about bad decisions, dirty nights, and sweaty dancing. I don't think there's a song out right now that better captures those sentiments than Tove Lo's "Talking Body." It's delectably sinister and scrumptiously nasty, much like Tove Lo herself if I'm being honest. Now, let's talk about the song. I'm sure all of you know it well, so I won't go in too deep, but here are a few things I want to highlight. This track moves really well between understated, almost whispering, parts where the vocal is more isolated to full-sound and dance oriented parts. That contrast is most apparent at around the 2:15 mark, where we have several layers of synth, banging percussion, drawn out bass, and lead+supporting vocals, all of which gets completely stripped down, leaving only the two synth lines and a highly produced vocal (complete with ultra effective echo!). This ebb and flow keeps the listener engaged and allows for Tove Lo's own style to shine out.

Norwegian Deep House brother duo, KREAM (wonderful name choice considering the subject matter of this song), are masters of keeping the intrinsic melodic elements of an original track, while managing to add the deep house pieces that define the two brothers' style. Right from the start they hit you with a grungy bass that's expertly offset by some upper register synth pulses. The percussion is crisp and intricate with a focus on cymbals, as is customary in deep house. Now my favorite piece of this track is perhaps a bit odd, but in the chorus KREAM really push the rhythm with this off-beat, front loaded, bass line that perfectly contrasts with the rhythm and style of the vocal. Not to mention the fact that it's just a very effective deep house tactic. Another choice moment in KREAM's remix is at the 2:05 mark, where (taking a cue from the original) they completely cut out all of their great deep house pieces and let the original vocal ring out with nothing other than a half-volume doubling of the bass line that runs through the whole track. They then brings their unique parts back in slowly, which culminate in a veritable orgasm (yes, orgasm, their name is KREAM for god's sake) that takes you to the end. Please take a listen to both tracks below and let us know what you think in the comments or on our Facebook page!