June Marieezy- Fly (FKJ Remix)

My heart skips a beat every time a see a new French Kiwi Juice (FKJ) remix. The producer out of Paris is currently my favorite remix artist, up there with cln. shocking I know, and this remix is yet another affirmation of my undying love. I can't think of a single thing that I dislike about this remix, or indeed about the original from which it was created. June Marieezy is a silky smooth R&B/Spoken-word artist whose tracks are understated in their beauty. "Fly" is not a complex song, opting to use only 4 elements for the duration of the 4 minute track: vocal, synth, percussion, and supporting vocals. Believe it or not, the percussion and vocal don't really change at all from start to finish. The synth uses only 3 different chord progressions at varying points through the track, exemplifying the simplicity of June's approach. So why would an artist choose to do so little with 4 minutes of music? The answer is simple: it allows for the vocal (particularly the "beat poetry" segment starting at 1:20) to emerge as the focal point of the track. And with good reason, because the flow and pace of that segment is one of the most interesting musical decisions I've heard in the electronic (yes, in a general sense this is still electro) sphere today. The percussion is simple, but the rhythm of the beat poetry section is swung against that standard rhythm adding complexity to this simple track. Then, of course, we have a few wonderful harmonies in the supporting vocals that back up the lead. FKJ is a master of remixing remixing these type of R&B tracks, particularly with an interesting or compelling lead female vocal (think about his remix of Alice Russell's "Hurry On Now") In this remix he deviates (obviously) from the simplistic nature of the original. He does this by adding some rhythmic complexity to the percussion, particularly with some rapid-fire 32-count cymbal hits in the verse. Doing this highlights the rhythm of the vocal in a different way from the original by actually working within the swung rhythm of the vocal. The other main addition is an inspired piano line that provides a touch of class as well some melodic complexity to this piece. Not to mention the fact that it cranks up the sexiness factor. Listen to both tracks below and please let us know what you think in the comments!