Birdy- Skinny Love (Fareoh Remix)

Oh man, I fucking love this remix. It's just so damn cool. Fareoh, a New York-based producer, has been on my electro-radar for quite some time for his mix that was honestly a slice of electronic music perfection (I'll link it below, don't worry). So, when he popped up on my SoundCloud feed, I had to give this track a listen, and I found myself completely blown away. It was a completely fresh take on remixing mainly because the original is a passionate ballad from UK singer-songwriter, Birdy. The original is a simple piece with nothing more than a piano and a sweet, pleading lead female vocal. It's popular song, at least that's what almost 15 million listens on SoundCloud would suggest, so it's even more impressive that Fareoh is able to put his own unique flair onto it. You must be thinking to yourself, "Seriously CasaSwoop? An electro-house remix of a singer/songwriter track? What the fuck is wrong with you? What have you been smoking?" But before you do all that, just listen to the remix and you'll see where I'm coming from. Believe it or not, the guitar that starts the piece out is actually notin the original. That's right, that's actually an artistic decision made by the remixer. The beginning of the track actually stays true to the "acoustic" feel of the original, but then at 1:00 mark, everything changes and Fareoh's true nature reveals itself. And yet, the electronic elements that are added don't feel cheap or overpower, rather they fit seamlessly into the mood set in the introduction. While it may at first glance seem to be a mish-mash piecemeal smathering of styles and sounds, after listening to it a few times, you begin to realize that this remix is actually a very effective marrying of two almost indistinguishable styles of musicality. The main reason is that when the electronic elements come through, the vocal stops and is actually sampled. This gives the remix a bit of breadth, allowing it to flow between ideas rather than being smashed one on top of the other. Furthermore, when they finally do begin to blend, you realize that the synth, both melodic and rhythmic, is actually meant to be paired with the vocal, but is musically complex enough to stand alone as a melody. There's way more to talk about here, but I hope that you guys can unlock those secrets on your own. So listen below and please give us your thoughts and suggestions