Top Record Players for all budgets in 2021

Here are some of the best record players in 2021 for any size budget. Everything from entry level players to some of the most high-tech stuff available out there, we give you our humble opinion on why these machines are the way to go. 

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

Price: $64.05 on Amazon
Why we like it: Tons of designs and color combinations
Could be better: Built-in speaker sound quality

If you are new to the record player craze, you still have probably seen this Crosley player at your local hipster coffee shot or at your friends house. This thing is basically everywhere nowadays, and for good reason. The Cruiser Deluxe comes in a ton of cool color varieties and designs, so it’s safe to say there’s one that fits your aesthetic. What it lacks in high fidelity sound, it more than makes in the price department, making the Crosley a great first turntable to own. As you get more into collecting vinyl, you will however end up with one of the options towards the bottom of this list. 

A couple of nice things to note feature-wise are the Crosley’s portability and “suitcase” design, making it easy to move around if you ever find yourself in need of such a thing. Easy connections with Aux cables, simple 3 speed settings, and painless set up and installation are also great pros to this nifty machine. The build in speakers are not great, and the volume maxes out fairly low, with some loss of audio quality as you crank it up. However, we’ve connected this record player with Bluetooth to our wireless 2 room set Sonos One SL Wireless Speakers making it 100X louder and better. Keep in mind, a Sonos set up will set you back a few hundred bucks.

Price: $72.99 on Amazon
Why we like it: Vinyl to MP3 recording capability
Could be better: Material and finishes

The Popsky 3-Speed record player is a mid-rage option for people looking for a combination of aesthetics and usability. The price of this player means we are not yet in the hi-fidelity space, but the sound quality is a definite improvement from the Crosley model above. This machine comes with nifty easy to pair bluetooth compatibility which you can control with your phone. The wooden body is super nice looking but the rest of the materials leave you wishing for more of a luxury feel. One thing we found super cool about this is the ability to record the music from your vinyl into MP3 files using the player itself. 

Price: $119 on Amazon
Why we like it: Fully Automatic Belt
Could be better: This is only a 2-speed player

Now we are getting into the real audiophile territory with the next gen of a class player developed by audi company Audio-Technica. This record player is true high fidelity and the price tag reflects that very well. This is the lower end of the player below who is basically a higher end sibling to this one. With a fully automatic belt and 2-speed playing capacity the audio-technica is we think the golden standard for someone looking to dip their toes into the word of hifi vinyl sound. 

Price: $299 on Amazon
Why we like it: Powerful and hifi sound
Could be better: Price

If you have the cash to burn on this 3-speed fully manual hifi record player, then do it. It will be worth every penny. Because this player is fully manual you can essentially customize the settings to allow for your sound preferences or to maximize the sound quality. This machine luxurious and that's because it truly is. We recommend hooking the direct drive turntable to high quality sound systems for the best possible results. 

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